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With a mediocre publisher in FS + G, a by and large even more idiotic reception there occurs to me yet one further idea [the moment I run out of ideas is the moment I die] and that is for a "HANDKE READER"....
It wasn't until Malcom Cowley put out his Faulkner Reader at about the time that Faulkner won the Nobel Prize that people started to read Faulkner - and Handke, who will win the Nobel, for writing, not for his anything but sterling character, can be regarded as the writer of the Yoknapatawpha County of his own SELF. There is something to be said for having an elephantine memory, about the only good thing to be said for aging. Doing analysis [self now] certainly freshens it, but not like me billy goat!

So give me your ideas, and then we'll whittle it down to a final, excerpts would be fine,
not just individual complete works, i.e. I think the Alaska chapter of A Slow Homecoming [Langsame Heimkehr] belongs.


Thanks Edmond, the first one of two other endorsers to "commit" - no, SORROW is essential
after all,  you want a volume that is tailored for teachers, students, for the general reader,
and for
writers. That's what so great about "readers' - they are up to 750 or more pages long...

I would add to "excerpt from
weight of the world" - excerpts from the further three increasingly
large diary volumes... [with a separate long headnote, explaining the rake's progress along that line of work]

The New Yorker ran a finely made excerpt from
The Repetition at the time..

Jim Krusoe wishes for inclusion of  poems from
Innerworld and Nonsense... and has my
Life Without Poetry from the latter, and someone could translate his "Gedicht
an die Dauer", thus making that long poem available uniquely only there! [Poem to Duration]

Some of the gems from "For Thucydides"!!!

I would have a major section with excerpts focusing on "sheer" writing from the big novels

On the
Jukebox belongs as an example of that kind of "assaying" as I call those Versuche ...
Difficult to excerpt from the later plays except from Villages, and so I would put in something
light and delightful like
La Cuisine, the first of his two plays that he originally wrote in French.

So much for my own thinking so far.

Michael R.


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"Ennui [Lange Weile] is the dreambird that hatches the egg of
experience." Walter Benjamin, the essay on Leskov.

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